Important information regarding your computer account at TAFE Gippsland

From Tuesday the 9th July 2019, you will need to re-create your student network account under the TAFE Gippsland name. To continue to access online services at TAFE Gippsland, such as Moodle, Office 365 or student computers on-campus you should do the following:

Once you have created your new network account in SAM, please allow 1 hour to access all TAFE Gippsland services like Moodle, Office 365 etc. If you have downloaded Office to your computer, you may need to re-register or download the Office suite again.

Backup your emails and files on Office 365

OneDrive file download

To copy your One Drive files:

  1. Right click the file or folder and select the 'Download' option
  2. You will be prompted where to save the file to your local computer.

Once downloaded you can copy it to a USB drive or to another backup media.

Outlook email forwarding

There is no easy way to back up Office 365 emails, forwarding is the only option. We suggest any important emails be forwarded to a personal or other email account.

  1. Open the email you want to forward
  2. Click the down arrow next to ‘Reply’
  3. Select ‘Forward’ to send to another email address
  4. Enter the address of the email account you want to forward the email to.